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Emerging Leaders Course


2 - 4 Days

About the Course

Do you have lots of new managers and leaders in your organisation? This course helps them grow and develop to becoming effective leaders on your time frame. Whilst the training is bespoke we will typically look at:

Am I a Leader? - A day designed to understand their leadership credentials and how to start expressing their values as leaders. The day is designed to build confidence and start the group thinking on their style of Leadership.

How to lead - A day where communication and understanding their teams are the key focus. They will understand how to motivate and inspire their teams and others to do great work.

How to create leaders - A reflective final day where they asses what they have learned but also explore how they can create more leaders and leadership opportunities in their areas of work for staff to grow.

Course Feedback
'This training was incredible. It's very rare to have such personal and open training, but Dows reached out to all of us individuals and as a group. Dows has inspired us to go away and lead and shown us tools to do this without just presenting theories. Dows has been engaging and fun, and also informative, supportive, and just out right amazing. Thank you so much.'

'Kept it a fun and energised course but created a safe space for us to learn and be open about current experiences to enable us to see how we can change and grow in different situations. It was a great opportunity to have self reflection prior to learning how to be or how we should do something so we can challenge, embrace and develop. It was absolutely fantastic!! '

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