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How to be an Effective Trustee


Full Day

About the Course

Help new Trustees be effective from their first meeting.

Being a Trustee is an amazing opportunity to lead a charity and develop a Charity, but it also requires nuance and understanding. This course is designed for anyone new to being a Trustee or who just wants to refresh their skills as a Trustee.
This session will explore the legal responsibilities as a Trustee and how your role may change depending on the size of your organisation. It will also the key principles of trusteeship and how you can bring those principles into your next Board Meeting.

Learning Outcomes

Understand your role as a Trustee
The implications of 2004 Charities Act
An understanding of the Nolan Principles
An understanding of how Boards can impact leadership and vision

Course Feedback

'Made it relevant, relaxed and engaging. Easy to understand and explained in a way for it to connect to the bigger picture of what we do.'

'The trainer is extremely well rounded, there couldn't be a better person for the role. Very friendly and accommodating to all questions and perspectives.'

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