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How to Campaign for Change


Full Day

About the Course

Are you trying to change the world? This course takes you step by step on how to create meaningful change.

A new workshop focusing on how to create change from start to finish.

We explore how to plan and deliver a successful campaign for change which is objective focused.

Following a step by step plan, we learn from successful models as used by charities and political organisations, using PEST analysis and exploring how power works and how it can be challenged.

Learning Outcomes

You will discover:
Understanding what a campaign is
How to identify targets for change
Understand how power works and how to affect it
To understand how to inspire volunteers
Plan a campaign from start to finish

Course Feedback

'Reassuring me that what I want to do is reasonable and went above and beyond explaining the campaigns process. Don't know what I'd do without him because now I have much more confidence in my ability'

'Dows is really insightful and is able to provide alternative perspectives to trainees. I find him very engaging and genuine which makes learning from him far more appealing that some other trainers I have had experience with in the past.'

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