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How to Chair and Facilitate


Half Day

About the Course

Meetings are awful.

Our organisations are reaching out to more and more potential funders, supporters and clients. With this growth the need to find consensus in going forward is key. This course is designed to help you facilitate discussions and manage stakeholders to best support your charity.

We will also look at how we manage conflict both internal and external, how we can harness it to be productive and shut it down when it threatens our work.

We will also explore how the online space can be a new vehicle to seek consensus.

Learning Outcomes

Understand how to be an effective Facilitator
How conflict can be helpful and how to manage it.
How to navigate charged discussions
How to bring these skills into the digital space.

Course Feedback

'As always Dows was fantastic with so much energy, making everything engaging'

'I love the interactivity of the sessions. It ensures everyone can be engaged.'

'Engagement was fantastic. Explained in a brilliant way with examples and then introduced us and our opinions into the mix effectively. At the end we went over everything we did and simplified it into a sentence each that was really useful and made the session a full circle.'

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