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Leading a SU Democracy


Full Day

About the Course

Leading Students Union is about fully understanding and then using democracy to create change.

This course is designed for SU Officers who want to better understand what Democracy is and how they can be effective leaders in their own Democracy. It also acts as the perfect springboard into a Democracy review within your organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

Understand what is democracy
How your democracy works
How to assess a working democracy
What kind of leader can I be

Course Feedback

'The trainer really challenged my thinking on democracy and leadership and completely made me think differently on both topics. I feel i'm now more equipped to inspire more students, without speaking to hundreds of them.I like to be challenged on my thoughts, and it was done in a way that allowed me to challenge myself as well, without putting me down. I had a lot of 'oh wow I've never thought of it like that before' moments.'

'I enjoyed the informal approach to the training while still ensuring we got the relevant information to help us understand concepts further. It was very useful to hear the different pieces of information which all complement each other and go hand-in-hand when improving leadership skills'

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