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Public Speaking


Full Day

About the Course

Become a better public speaker, by understanding what makes you an excellent communicator.

This course is designed for people who would like to learn the basic skills of public speaking and learn practical tips on how to be a better public speaker. This course is specifically designed with the introvert in mind (so no awkward role plays or mock speeches).
During this day long course, we explore the nature of public speaking and how to identify what type of public speaker everyone is. We cover a practical session on how to manage nerves and the keys the essential preparation to make any speech a success. Participants will not be forced to speak in front of the group, rather we will be focusing on developing confidence. The group will then learn how humans behave as tribes and how we can use that tribal nature to change attitudes and opinions.

Learning Outcomes

A clear definition of public speaking
To identify what kind of speaker you are
To understand how humans behave as tribes
To understand the role of practice and performance in public speaking
To have practical tips on dealing with nerves

Course Feedback

'Relating everything to real life and truly making me realise that I am confident and if I come across unconfident that’s ok and be yourself'

'How he didn’t use the standard public speaking training. It was massive different from every other public speaking sesssions I had attended. He had a very “human” approach to the training, very relatable'

'Genuine, real and captivating. Walking away feeling more confident and more me'

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