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Understanding Leadership


Full Day

About the Course

Are you new to Leadership within your organisations?

Many of us in the third sector fall into leadership roles due to restructures or funding projects. Understanding Leadership is a course designed for staff and volunteers who want to lead their teams, volunteers and organisations better.

A key part of my leadership training is enabling people to understand that they already have the skills to be great leaders and that leadership isn't something that is out of their reach. It focuses on their journey to leadership and how that journey has made them qualified to lead and create change. We also explore motivators and how to best understand peoples' motivation in order to effectively lead them.

During this day long course, we explore different leadership styles and how they can be best used to approach situations to help bring people on board.
This training is designed for people who are new to a leadership/management role or who are wanting to become leaders within their organisation.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand your role as a leader
Identify what motivates people
How to inspire people through communication
How to be comfortable in being a leader

Course Feedback
'The training that was delivered was really empowering. It helped to overcome barriers using really easy concepts. Dows made it easy to foster a safe environment and this helped in asking questions, understanding the important elements of the training and making the best of the sessions. The skills and techniques taught are so valuable to me as a new manager. '

'I was anxious before I started the training, with inclination that it would be a waste of time, with the belief I had more important things to get on with. However, following the training with Dows, I have learnt a tremendous amount about myself, my team and my managers. Great training, great guy. Sorry for doubting the relevance of it before.'

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